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We help entrepreneurs and small businesses enhance their brand and bring it into the spotlight with affordable and impactful Digital Marketing Services

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“We Don’t Just Help Brands. We build their identity!”

Everything you are dreaming of is on the other side of... stepping out of your comfort zone and standing out from the rest!

Marketing Strategy Call

Investment $199 CAD

Join us for a power-packed 60-Minute Consult Call dedicated to crafting a tailor-made plan that elevates your online presence and ensures you dominate social media.

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Social Media Your Way

From $199/MO CAD

Empower your social media presence YOUR way. Our tailored approach allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want, to help elevate your online presence. No more cookie-cutter packages—just select the services that suit your goals and budget.

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Blog Posts

From $99 CAD

Enhance your brand's online presence with meticulously crafted, SEO-optimized blog posts for your website. Select from our range of two exceptional and budget-friendly packages.

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From $99 CAD

Strategic email marketing campaigns to boost audience engagement, user interaction, and amplify your brand's digital footprint.


From $499 CAD

The backbone of your business. Branding shows the world who you are and what you’re about. We offer a mini package and a full branding package.

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Paid Advertising

From $249 CAD

Targeted advertising campaigns on major platforms to reach specific demographics and drive impactful results. Please book a complimentary call with us to get started!

Social Media Management

From $899/MO CAD

Maximize your social media presence with ​our pre-made management packages. ​Choose from two affordable options and ​elevate your online presence effortlessly.

Content ​Creation

From $499/MO CAD

Boost your online presence with our ​content creation packages. Choose from ​product photos, short form videos, or our ​photo + video combo. High-quality content ​made easy!

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Website Design

From $2999 CAD

Fully customized starter Shopify websites, perfect for e-commerce. Please book a complimentary call with us to get started!

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About Us

Welcome to De la Creme Digital Marketing, where Ana and Rhaiza combine their expertise and passion to fuel your brand's success. As co-owners and creatives, Ana brings her background in Advertising and Marketing Communications, empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in their respective industries. Meanwhile, Rhaiza's proficiency in Business Administration Marketing has led her to specialize in branding and social media strategies for small businesses.

“Empowering your brand, one idea at a time

With a focus on crafting captivating digital narratives, we specialize in strategic digital marketing solutions that propel brands to new heights. Our transparent communication and reporting ensure that every step of the journey is clear and collaborative. Let's embark on this journey together, transforming your digital aspirations into a compelling success story filled with meaningful engagement and amplified online presence.

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Our Portfolio


Find out how our strategic digital marketing services transformed businesses, drove engagement, and achieved tangible results.

A Million Elephants

E-commerce Brand

In pursuit of accelerated growth, A Million Elephants, a e-commerce brand partnered with us to optimize its digital strategy and sales through our help in redesigning their brand.

By understanding the brand's essence, we successfully transformed challenges into opportunities, crafting a story that resonates with its audience:










Imagine Eventi

Services Brand

In their quest for enhanced social media presence and management, Imagine Eventi, a service-oriented brand, joined forces with us to cultivate their brand identity and expand their social media following.

By addressing their needs, we propelled the brand into a position of authority and influence in their segment:








Return on

Ad Spend

Candytopia Candy Bouquets

E-commerce Brand

In their endeavor to extend their reach from the local market to the vast digital landscape, they chose to entrust us with the creation of a bilingual website, the crafting of engaging copy, and the production of captivating product images.

With a focus on sales, we managed to design a shopify website in order to help them reach new customers in the competitive digital landscape:


Lead ​Generation

Lead ​Generation


Thought ​Leadership Index


LinkedIn ​Engagement

Return on Investment

Sales Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started with your digital marketing services?

To begin, simply shop on our website for the services you need. After your purchase, you'll receive a contract to sign and a questionnaire to fill out. We'll then schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss your brand and goals. From there, we'll finalize details and sign a contract to kickstart our collaboration.


Can you work with businesses of ​any size?

Absolutely! Our expertise extends to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a startup, a small business, or a larger enterprise, our services are customizable to meet your needs.


How do you ensure consistency in ​my brand's messaging?

Maintaining brand consistency is a top priority. We employ a strategic content calendar, ensuring a cohesive narrative across all platforms. Regular collaboration processes is a must.


What sets you and your social media advertising apart?

Our social media advertising is characterized by precision targeting and compelling ad creatives. We go beyond generic approaches, tailoring campaigns to resonate with your specific audience.


Can you help with crisis ​management on social media?

Certainly! We are well-versed in crisis management on social media. We have protocols in place to ensuring your brand's reputation is preserved even in challenging situations.


How often will I receive updates on my social media performance?

Regular updates are a key part of our service. You can expect detailed performance reports on a monthly basis, accompanied by insights and direction for ongoing refinement.

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